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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A look at our whanau of Taniwhas!


  1. Hey dudes go to check our newest Capzles we thought of it when Little Voices made theres and wed thougt we would make our own it is so cool.
    Ezy & JD

  2. You have some VERY talented artists in your class! This is a great way to share your artwork. You are quick learners with all the blogging tools in Room 4.
    Keep it coming
    Mrs Burt

  3. Thank you for that comment you are a nice person!


  4. Hi Mrs Burt

    Thanks for the comment it was so cool,We will be making a New October Hallowen one it will be so cool!


  5. Wow,awesome,cool,wicked and supreme!!

    It was so hard making our graffito, also making our

    I can't believe that i'm the first picture on the slideshow.... I love the music its relaxing :)

    Lynette ;)

    P.S I was surprised with the dinosaur head next to the end! Hehehe

  6. I know it is so relaxing. DinoHuges was at the end by the way:P.


  7. yay for the taniwhas!!!!!!! Way to go Ezrah I LOVE the blog. I am looking forward to seeing one of my class when they start...
    Miss Hughes