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Monday, October 4, 2010

Diary of a wimpy kid

Hi wellcome to the cheese touch!!!.I liked the cheese touch story do you want to know here it is''Tom touch the cheese than a yong girl said ''CHEESE TOUCH!!"the only thing to get rid of the cheese touch is to do is pass it on ,Tom pass it on to a bully than the bully pass it on to a nerd guy than the nerd guy pass it on to a cool guy the cool guy pass it on to a french and guess what "what" the french guy keeped on talking and then he went to camp". It was so  awesome i got chips yum it was so cool the movie Well the movie is kind of not wimpy well its funny.

By Farah


  1. That's funny how the bully is actually a girl. I shouldn't give away the bits on the movie.


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  3. Wow thats sounds like a awesome movie and book.I really want to see the movie


  4. I love the wrestling part he was wasted by the nerd.


  5. it was so cool i like the part he was wasted by that funny nerd