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Friday, February 11, 2011

Super art

When Miss Cheeseman called my name for art class I scream so lound. I could not wait to go to art class. When I went home my mum, dad and sister were so happy that we got a delicious dinner.We had potato    with chicken and rice and a great soup. First we got a big paper and then we had to draw patterns. Then we had to paint all of the patterns and we were using the primary colour. We were looking at Matisse's patterns how matisse use's lines and shapes.



  1. That looked good and fun as i,m a bit jelis now

  2. Cool loving the face neha ....... Kiana

  3. So hows the art going are you nearly finished cant wait till its finished looking great:). Kiana.R.K.

  4. That is amazing, Neha. For me it would take me quite a while to finish it. You are so great at art one day you might even be an artist!:) Abigail rm22

  5. I can see that your realy exited for art class by the looks on your face and you look like your doing realy interesting and creative painting.

    BY Kirsten

  6. Neha you are so great at art so you should be a pro art person. I love the way you do your art it is so cool and interesting. Abigai rm22