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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Summerland Primary school  had PINs. This time only Year 3s and 4s. We got to do can decorating, juggling, edible art, digital art, bird watching, compost building, pizza making, going for a walk to the lake, drama and sport. I did edible art my name is Stephanie. Edible art was so good we got to design our own cookies with icing and lollies. The lollies were really outstanding they were yummy. There was a lot of color icing there was green, pink and blue. We had to make a picture with icing and lollies you could make a sky tower with marshmellows and scittles, you could make a happy face with banana lollies and scittles, you can make an eyeball you could make anything you wanted to make. Juggling was incredibly fun. First we had to sit in a circle and introduce ourselves. Then we watched a person juggle two balls. We juggled two balls. Then we did a show of what we learnt. We did a quiz. Then we had morning tea.

By Faaizah and Stephanie


  1. Hi Stepinie that looks YUMMY now i wish that i did eatable art cause THAT LOOKS GOOOOOD.Keziah

  2. wow you guys I like the things you made for P.I.N.S they look really YUM

    by kirsten

  3. Oh yummy! I wish I was there. It looks so delisous by the looks of it. My mouth is watering for lolly's. Stephanie looks so cute when she is going to eat the biscat. By Abigail rm22

  4. cool you guys the things that you made look realy YUMMY.you guys think creatively with food.

    BY Kirsten

  5. Yummy Stephani I wish I could do edible art instead of netball skills. By Tamanna

  6. Stephani I wish I could do edible art instead of netball skills. Tamanna