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Friday, March 25, 2011

Transylvania indoor black light mini golf

I vant to drink your blood don don don velcome to Transylvania ha ha ha(evil witch laugh). If you don't like playing mini golf in the sun and heat you should defiantly go to Transylvania. It cools you down after a hot day outside and don't worry if you think it is scary it is so not its just mini golf in the dark. You also might be thinking am I not going to be able to see, I will smack into something well don't worry  there are glowing objects around the mini golf holes there are also parts of a stories in each course. It's a fun game for the hole family. you get to pick your club, and a coloured ball. When you walk in to play it's a adventure on the first hole it's easy just hit it one the sides and past the goblins (The goblins are fake).When you finish 11 holes you go to hole 12 and it's shaped as a zigzag and you have to hit it into a cage. Sounds good then go play.                                                                                                                     



Mwa hahahaha

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