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Monday, March 26, 2012

Raft racing at Armour Bay

Last Friday 23 of March the year 4s 5s and 6s had raft race at Armour Bay. When I got to school I hang my bag up on one of the hooks and went in to the class room then Miss Cheeseman told me and some more people to load the paddles and the spear ones after we had loaded all the paddles into the truck then Mr Weatherill told us to load all the big black bags into the truck. When the bell rang everyone came running into the class shouting everyone was excited. First Miss Cheeseman called the roll then told us all the rules they were so boring I wanted to fall asleep then Miss Cheeseman told us who was looking after us for the day after that we were told what bus we were going on I went on bus 3 but most of my friends went on bus 2 I sat by one of my friends Indy soon we arrived at Armour Bay.
First we went to one of the gazebos, the only gazebo left was the biggest so we shared with room 12. Soon we got to eat morning tea and then it was the first race. Room 17 won the first race I think it was the speed race. After the speed race there was the stability race and our class won that one. Then there was the All Change race and I was in this one. We had to swap another group we would go back and then we won it. I was very happy we won it but tired too.


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