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Friday, March 2, 2012

Room 16's garden

Our garden is down by room 14/15  in the field. It already had a big tree in it.
First we dug out the weeds and dead routs. And then other people dug four holes for four swan plants.they already have some eggs on them!!!! we try and remember to water them everyday.
Then one week later [today] the class got split in half about 10 of us got to do gardening. while the rest of us had to sketch plants and trees .in the mean wile the planters took terns in digging and planting.
we planted lettuce, spinach, silver bett, pansys, cutty grass stuff, flax and some red things

by Isla and Lewis


  1. WOW!I really like that you fellas get your own garden!

  2. Your garden is beautiful. You should all be very proud of the hard work. It will be wonderful to watch your garden grow and flourish. Will you be able to make some healthy meals with the produce?
    Great work!
    From your friends in Australia
    Mrs Verona Gridley and seniorG