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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jet boats.

Have you ever been on a jet boat?...On Friday the 13th my family and I went on a jet boat in Rotorua. The drivers name was Crash,not really, it was his nick name and it was Crash because he crashes most things.On the jet boat, Crash told us about the island in the middle of the lake and how deep the water was around it.Hundreds of years ago there were 3 thousand people that lived on the island,then the Maori war came and killed half the islands population the rest had escaped. After that they replanted the island and cleared all the pests and now it is a bird sanctuary.It is home to many native birds of New Zealand.The island is looked after by DOC. DOC means dept of conservaition.Some parts of the lake are natural springs and you can't find the bottom. And some parts are only up to your knee and it could be in the middle of the lake.On the ride when we were going to spin,Crash would put his hand up and wave it round and round.we were meant to hold on but I put my hands up and I would be sliding around but still it was fun.So if you go to Rotorua ask your parents if your family can go on the jet boats it is great fun trust me!!

1 comment:

  1. That sounds so fun Indy!
    I wish I could've gone in a jet boat in the holidays!