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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M & M's experiment

On Tuesday in the afternoon we did a science experiment  it was on m & ms  now we haft to do the instructions first we got 4 different coloured m & ms now we haft to get a petri dish then we put the m & ms in the petri dish then we got a bit of water now Mrs Cheeseman will pour the water for us. Then we had to wait for 10 minutes until the colours got sucked off the m & ms we figured out that on the top that it was clear on the bottom it had  lots of colour  like a rainbow.
caution DO NOT KNOCK THE TABLE because the colours will go brown and white sugar will float on the top of the water. And if the sugar comes off you will be able to see the yummy chocolate but Toby’s group didn’t knock there petri dish so they got a super coloured water the blue joined with the yellow and made a green then the blue and red made purple also the yellow and red made orange but then the brown didn’t make any colours with the other colours.
This is the instructions;
1 get a petri dish;
2 get 4 different colours of m & ms;
3 poor a small amount of water in the petri dish;
4 do not knock the table;
5 see what happens;
prediction what we think will happen; the colour will go away; 2 the colour in the water will change rainbow; 3 the m & m’s  will float like paper; 4 the m & m’s will go white ;

observation what we saw happening; 1 the colour is combining  with the other colours; 2 the water on the top is clear on the bottom it is not clear because the m & m’s colour is on the bottom;
conclusion why
we think this happened; 1 if  you knock it you will make the water move and make it all brown; 2 the colours where on a shield of suger but the water dissolve the colour 1 shield down now the m & ms are white but water now is dissolve the suger now theres a chocolate shield now but the water strikes back but the chocolate is already wet so the water makes it break.

By Toby & Oscar


  1. that must be fun great [Joeb]

  2. We love this experiment, we hope our teacher will let us try it next week.
    Room 14 - Summerland Primary School