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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Measure time

On Thursday, Miss Cheeseman said to get into partners, then we had to guess things that were on the playground that were 1m long. We had 10 minutes to predict 10 things. After we did that, we went outside to measure the things that we had thought was 1m long. We had about 30 minutes to measure everything we had thought was 1m long. After we had our 30 minutes, Miss Cheeseman asked us to come and sit down with her. She told us that we had 15 minutes to predict on the playground what we thought was half of 1m. So we went along with our partners, and we measured what we had thought was half of 1 m. But only a few things were actually half a meter. We learnt how to use the tape measures properly, you have to remember not to use the very end which is the measure bit just use the tape with the marks on Ryan and zippy...

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