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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

100 word story

The night sky lit up as there was a mighty roar . suddenly I woke up,I could smell something burning , I could see smoke , I felt really Hot ,  I felt really really hot , I could feel the vibration . It was a volcano . I came running into my parents room , Iwoke them up . ''There's a volcano '' I shouted into mums ear . ''Quick'' dad said , go and start building a raft while I go wake up Toby . We gathered sticks , leaves , bamboo and cocunuts for food , put the raft together . We were finished , dad came sprinting . We got on the raft and paddeled home . By Jade

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  1. Hi! Jade, What causes volcanoes? Did you know you can even have a volcano under the sea? Mr Corlett Rm6 Waikanae School