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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boss camp

Last month we went to camp firstly the flying fox you had to put a full body harness and a helmet on it felt weird because it was an full body harness and because of the weight and it was scary because it was so high at the top but it was really fun going down the instructor asked some people to do a challenge yo hang upside down going down it sounded scary when he said it to me Jed and I was thinking about it and I said yes and it was really fun when you did it. The flying fox was really long too at the end there was a tree some people hit it with there feet.

Secondly the raft building the stuff you used were bamboo 3 gasoline containers 2 barrels and rope.
Your team split in half and your half of your team tries to make a better raft than the other half of your team. After you have made your raft you have to take it in to the waterhole and try to get over to the other side if you get over you add on another person after you have done you get to do the rope swing and maybe the water slide.

Thirdly Air rifles  you had to sit on the bench wait for your turn there was 3 people at a time.
Also you could only shoot 1 bullet at a time after you have shot it once you have to reload.
You have 6 shots each and 3 turns each but if you get it done quick you could get 3 turns  with 3 shots each.

Lastly Archer going down the crunching gravel driveway on to the wooden hut Andre was the only left on the outside handed person that we know so far Andre got two bulls eyes in one go and Jed got two to.

The last night at camp we did a burma trail at pitch black and we had to hold on to a rope and follow it and it went every where like around trees and it went left and right .
There were the adults\ parent helper hiding behind trees to scare us some people grab your leg and  make noises but after we got cooked marsh mellows and they were really yum

By Jed and Andre


  1. Hi! Jed and Andre- it's great that you enjoyed camp. A suggestion - try to put in all your punctuation as the missing fullstops make sentences very long and harder to read. This makes it harder to get your message across to your readers. I think you are fortunate to have been to camp and had a chance to do so many activities. Archery would be fun but I'm not a very good shot. - Mr Corlett Rm 6 Waikanae School

  2. Wow that looks fun.
    What did you do at camp.
    By Zara