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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Camp Blog

Last month we went to the hall to learn about camp.
Two days later we finally set of to camp. the camp was Carey Park Christian camp 
We traveled in cars not bus it wasn't  that far away.
When we got there we had to wait because the cleaners where running late.
While we waited we met the staff and we got told the rules and where not to go.
Finally we got to go in our cabins and put our bags in them.
At 4 pm we went to our first activity wich was kyaking, it was realy fun after that the people that had duties did them while the other people looked around the camp at 6 pm we had dinner which was a child friendly curry, veges, rice, chicken and bread.

After dinner we had a games night we had four games. the games where ant eaters and fairy god-mothers, red light green light, paper scissors rock and never ending tag. Then we had supper
after that we had time to get ready for bed then after about 20 minutes we went to bed.
When we woke up we couldn't leave our cabins till 7.00 am but after we were allowed to have showers we had time to get dressed and while people where doing duties for breakfast while everyone else had free time.
For breakfast we had toast, Weetbix and corn flakes and porridge after breakfast we went to our first  activity for the day which was raft building it was slow but worth the time then we had morning tea we had biscuits then we went to our next activity which was rock-climbing  we had lunch it was hot chips and pizza then we  did 1 more activity which before afternoon tea which was more biscuits then we did 2 more activity's which was air rifles and archery after that we had dinner, for dinner we had chicken drumsticks, peas, carrots, salad and broccoli once everyone finished we had desert it was nice pudding then we had our our campfire and our burma, trail we went into the wood's and we had to hold on to a rope it was realy dark but really fun the parents tried to scare us along the way after that we had supper then we went to bed.
just like yesterday we couldn't leave our cabins till 7.00 and had a bit of free time before breakfast then we had one activitywhich was confindince course then we had morning tea then our last activity for the whole camp stay which was flying fox after our last activity we had our last meal which was lunch then we packed up and headed back to school.
by Dom and Josh

pictures below

IMG 0585IMG 0615

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   IMG 0084                                                              IMG 0577                                                                            

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  1. cool we go to a place called palm grove in paraparaumu it is so much fun we do similar things-otis-waikanae primary school