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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yesterday rm 16 made poppies with Phoebe and Miss Hethorn. We had a fabulous time. Some people who got stuck would get some help from Ryan and Mara [kids.] First we had to get some cardboard shaped as a poppy petal, then get some felt and trace over the cardboard shaped as a poppy petal on the felt, make sure you draw two. It was difficult to draw because the felt was hairy. Next you cut out the poppy petal that you drew. Then when your done you get a button and sew it on the middle. You have to put the needle and thread through the button and through again. It was hard because you have to try and find the hole through the felt.
Then you get a green stick and sew that on the back on the poppy.Then when your done you can put a sticker on that is white and says PEACE POPPY PROJECT.
The saw bit was people getting their finger pricked by the needle Ouch! Doing it was as saw as a bee sting. If your quick and fast you can make another poppy. When you finish your whole poppy you go to your teacher to take a picture off you and your poppy. Cheese!

From Keely and Anika

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  1. Hi! My friend Miss Cheeseman told me about your poppy making project. They look just great, well done! And what a wonderful way to remember our brave ANZAC soldiers.