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Thursday, March 5, 2015

camouflage octopus.

Octopus are colour blind. and they camouflage in to the grass or seaweed. and grow as well as change colour very quickly. Their very amazing!they look like a unusual shell which people call a coral. Sometimes they can scare the predators away.

If you step on the octopus in will spray you  in the face with ink because it hurts them.WOW it's not like the only trick.... they can puff  up in size. and they can transform their colour or body shape.  It is very intimidating! 

They change their skin into light blue like the sky or like the sea. and they are very rare and their skin is sensitive. If I would pick something to transform I  would pick a bird so I can fly about or a person wait I already am ha ha funny


by Mikayla 

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