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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Can you spot the Octopus?

Jonathen Gorden an underwater diver reports on a rare sight camouflage octopus, he says he was trying to get a closer look at a shell that fascinated him. He was filming lovely coral in the Caribbean, when he noticed something moving, and there it was the one and only... A CAMOUFLAGE OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!


 But camouflage is just the beginning this rare octopus can also puff up to look more strong and powerful!


It can also spray ink into it's predators face. 


 Did you know octopuses are colour blind


 The octopus is one of the three marine animals that are camouflage in the world. The two others are cuttle fish and squid. These octopuses are crafty little cephalopods!

  If I could camouflage into anything I want it would be the ground but it wouldn't hurt or smell bad!!!??What would you choose?   



 Here is a video you might like to see



 By Rosie



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