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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Science in a Van

On Wednesday 18th of March, I was sitting in the hall watching something sooo unbelievable that you  will want to watch it more than going to Rainbows End!! My pupil in my eyes got bigger and bigger and yours should two because i was so amazing!!!

Also I learned so many science things, science words, and the show will be your new favourite thing!!!! You can watch it all day and never stop... WOW!!!! Everyone would LOVE science after the show finishes because its unbelievable and fun!!!

I saw some weird things, such as a teacher sitting on 300 nails and it didn"t hurt him... because if you stood on a lot of stones it wouldn't hurt and if you stood on one stone it would hurt you!!! Ha ha ha ha!! They popped a balloon.

These are the 2 science words I learned is... carbon dioxide and Oxygen!!




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