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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Te Uru art trip

On the 23 March. rm 16 went on the bus for a school to Te Uru gallery for are Inquiry we saw some of Judy Millers art and we made clay houses. We firstly made it into a ball then we made it in to a shape then we got to get three items out of a small box on each of our tables after that we had to pant it wet!

The choices were bronze, lime green and dark blue then we took them back to school and went home but we left them at school over night for them to dry and because our teacher wanted to take a picture and see them all as a town or village.

by Lucy

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  1. Hi! Lucy, that looks to be a lot of fun. Was it a messy day? What part of the process did you enjoy the most. I remember making a coil pot when I was at school and I gave it to my mum. What will you do with what you have made?
    Mr Corlett Room 6
    Waikanae Primary School