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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the day I lost my breath

It was Tuesday 2015 I was at the starting line then go I ran and ran until I lost my breath it was only my first lap! I was still  exhausted and at second to last place I sprinted ahead then lost my breath again I jogged the next lap. as I went to the gate  feeling OK when the last person overtook me I tried to catch up and just in time for the last lap. I gave it all I had as I entered the field so close till it was over then the last person went past me but I caught up and went past them coming close to the finish line I tried to go past the third to last person but lost my breath . I almost came one place ahead but I past the finish line I  was like ten inches close to one place ahead as I sat back down my friends helped me after it was the day  had no more breath I drank like 1 gallon of water at lunch!


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