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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


WOW that was awesome! Today I went to SCIENCE IN A VAN with my class!! Today is Wednesday 18.3.15 I was sitting in the school hall watching something sooo unbelievable it will blow your mind away... not for real!! But it is something you will want to be at more than your favourite place !!! 

I learned sooo much stuff !!! I bet that when SCIENCE IN A VAN comes to your school you`ll wish it was always SCIENCE IN A VAN!!! That`s how I feel right now!!

But the person showing us everything [Alan] got a teacher [Mr. D] to sit on over 300 I think it was nails!! They blew up a balloon and got a nail...but just 1 nail and popped it...but when he sat on it he was fine!!! It`s because all of your weight pushing onto lots & lots of nails!! Like say you stepped on 1 stone it would be sour but if you stepped on lots of stones it wouldn`t be as sour as 1 stone!!!

We also got to see Alan make a CLOUD IN A BOTTLE!!! I know it sounds CRAZY but nothing is impossible... apart from wolverine and silly stuff!!  ; - )   


By Kiki


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