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Monday, May 11, 2015

Why are our Mum's SPECIAL?

My mum is special because.........

She is always there for me even when she is in another country - Cheesy

She helps me when I am hurt - Anika

She always  encourages me and helps me! - Kiki

She helps me when I'm sick - Keely

She takes me to places - Alfie

She supports me - JR

She is kind - Beau

She makes me feel happy and helps me feel not sad at all - Nitya

I like my mum because she's there for me whatever I do ❤️ - Jake

She makes me feel better when I'm sad and helps me when I'm sick - Ariella

She makes me determined no matter what - Rosie

She makes the best gluten free cakes - Harry

She makes me happy - Colm

She makes nice dinner - Raphael

She helps me with everything know matter what the problem is❤️ - Lucy

My mum is so special  and nice all the time and helps me with problems - Jacob❤️

She hugs me all the time - Joel

She fixes my mistakes and boo boos - Anna

She gets me an ice-cream when I am sad - Svetlana

She makes good as cheesecakes - Ava

She is very good at cooking -- Jayden

She always gives me treats - Shem

She always looks out for me - Sean

She is always grateful for everything she has - Xavier

She does my washing and my lunch and a number of other things - Frankie

She is always there for me when I fall over or get hurt - Keir

She  makes me happy - Damien

She is always there for me and makes me happy - Zari

She looks after me when I am sick - Pounamu

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  1. As you get older and become a parent yourself you soon discover how hard your own mum worked to raise you. Every day should be a Mothers' Day, not just the one day of the year. Do you agree?