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Friday, October 30, 2015

Mojo's first visit away from Laingholm

Mojo was a great toy to play with when I was bored. I did 3 animations with him that I was quite proud of. Did I mention that Mojo is quite good at origami and painting? Mojo had a great
 time with me and I had a great time with him :-)

Mojo loves Dojos

Mojo makes magical Origami


Mojo and friend


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  1. In our classroom we have two teddy bears - James and Henry. They go on adventures with the children, including to Australia. We also have a Lion but he is so big he wouldn't easily fit in a suitcase and definitely wouldn't fit into a school bag. He stays at school when everyone has gone and looks after the classroom. I am glad that Mojo had such a great time with you.