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Monday, November 23, 2015

Kiwi Haikus


As santa eats pies
He puts on his shorts and top
Then Finishes pies

Fishing for snapper
On Christmas eve caught whitebait
Then eat all his lines


Barbeque sizzles,
Under Pohutukawa red,
As the sun goes down.

Santa's on his way,
A morepork shouts its cheer,
Christmas is coming!


A surfing man fell
Eating pavlova and kiwifruit
On a massive wave

Santa wears jandals
Eating mince pies and strawberries
On his sleigh to town

Jacob C

Hunting is awesome
The rifle is loud when echoes
The valleys are big

Shotgun is heavy
When trying to shoot it's sore
At your moving deer 


A surfing person
And swimming in the ocean
then getting tanned

The flightless kiwi
Picking in the undergrowth
Small brown and fluffy


Waiting  for kiwis
Watching the sun go down now
Singing the carols

Sunbathing on sand
Climb Pohutukawa trees
Wearing my jandals 


Christmas is coming
Let's put the barbeque up
Sadly there's no snow

Sitting at the beach
Eating pineapple lumps yum
Looking at the sea


I've brung pavlova
Playing at the sandy beach
Eating kiwifruit

Splashing through the sea
Wearing jandals on Christmas
Eating barbeque


Nocturnal Kiwis
Fat Kererua eating berries
As Morepork hoots


Standing tall in the forest
Very beautiful


Swimming cold river
Snapper swishing with the bait
Sailing on the sea

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