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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mojo's Incident

This is Mojo our classroom friend and Mojo travels houses every Friday and comes back on Monday to see his cheesy home.This week Mojo went to my house and Mojo had a incident,a banana peel incident.I got the  script idea  from my dad, and my dad got the idea from this American boxer that is REALLY funny!It took me about 53 SECONDS  to eat the banana because i was not  hungry and it was a BIG banana!Before I filmed the offical  video I did about 5 practice rounds just so I knew what I was doing and saying.I used my Ipad Mini and this app called IMovie to film and edit.My dad was actually the one behind the Ipad and keeping the Ipad steady and moving it.
Mojo was not harmed in the making of this video...........
By Svetlana


  1. the video was amuseing and the sceen was nice.
    maybie next time you should be a little louder.

  2. it is very funny but we can see your hand taiva and Anna.