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Friday, February 24, 2017

Water Balloon shooting!!!

Last Tuesday room 16 & 18 did something very exciting which involved launching water balloons 10 feet into the air. It was so fun we launched at least 4 water balloons each we did it for at least for hour & half. We had to record how far we launched the balloons with a trundle wheel. which is a wheel that has a handle  on it and it measures in meters. It is so much you should give it a go. My group is : Marshall, Deacon, Ben, Monty, & me.
By Carlotta


Last Tuesday our senior classes room 16 &18 did something AWESOME!!! We were launching water balloons. We had so much fun my team that I did the sling shooting was Carlos, Ben, Deacon, Monty lots of people tried hard to launch as far as they could but 4 people got 54.8 meters and that was our team. I was stoked that we got that far some people tried so hard but they could never beat it. Marshall