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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Krypton Factor

As soon as we got there we had to go through all the games. We ate and then got to the games. The first game we did was Jigsaw, so what you had to do was get all the pieces to the other side then I had to go out and sort the puzzle, that was hard. Next we went to feed the worm were there was a pipe that you had to put a ball in the pipe and lift it up and walk with it to the end you  had to get the ball to the end of the pipe then go again.

After that we had a small break I found my mum reading her new shinny book she gave me my lunch and my ice cold drink, that was nice. Next we went to the obstetrical course - that was the best part of my day! After that we had a really cool basketball game so what you do is theirs two people holding a stick on ether sides then a basketball hoop in the middle then theirs a circle of people trying to get the ball in that's super hard after that we had another lunch break i had a cupcake Paula called it a volcano.

Soon after that we went to the cheese game were you have to through a ball through the holes next we went to a pole game were your team had to hold a pole up and shot a ball through bridges then we did a carpet game there was this squared shape of carpet with poles at the sides and ends and a hole in the middle were you had to get a ball through the hole that looked hard then we then we had a break.

My day was so awesome but then we had to do a pop quiz we slowly walked to it but surprisingly the pop quiz was not that hard, it was very simple. Then straight to the box game were you had to stand on box's and get them all to the other side then make a sirten shape that was ok I was existed for this one you had to make a tower we did pretty good. After that we had are last game that was shop sticks you had to use ginormous sticks and get a ball to the other side with the shop sticks once we finished that we were done the inter krypton factor. We had to go to prize giving we won the inter krypton factor, I was so existed Mr Cox said I could take it home, I was so happy I couldn't wait to show my brother and sister.

                                                                        by Taiva 

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