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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Leigh [the new Wayside student]

Chapter 1: Leigh

Leigh has brown hair and brown eyes. Her full name is Leigh Monagahan. She is very sporty. Her favourite sport is cricket. She plays it every chance she gets.
You won't believe what her teacher does, she makes people into cheese. Do you want to know why? Because her name is Miss Cheeseman. Do you know how she turns people into cheese?  She flaps her arms and wiggles her nose and then you turn into cheese! She turns you into cheese because she loves it in her cereal, and lunch and dinner!
So back to Leigh.
Her best friends are Charleigh, Pepe and Hanah, they talk a lot! When I mean they talk a lot - I mean they TALK A LOT! 
So one day Carlos and Ben were fighting in class and Miss Cheeseman was on her computer. She heard them and so she flapped her arms and wiggled her nose and Carlos and Ben turned into cheese! They ended up sitting on her desk for the whole day. 
Then Charleigh, Pepe and Hanah were talking [a lot] so Miss Cheeseman flapped  her arms and wiggled her nose and turned them all into cheese! They were sitting on the table next to cheese Carlos and cheese Ben.
So that's a little chapter all about Leigh. 


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