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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Todd [rewriting of his first day]

It was Todd's first day at the new school. He was not happy about it. Well his brother, Odd, had his first year of school and by the end of the year he was an apple! [now at least he tasted quite good]
So Todd was walking down the halls when he came to Class 4. Then he hung up his bag and went into class. As he walked into class he noticed something, something strange, something old, something smelly.....Oh no it was Mr Move It. 
Mr Move It was Todd's neighbour.
Mr Move It told Todd he was relieving for Miss Jewls. But THAT was only the beginning!
When Mr Move It farted the stink flew onto the chalkboard and made a stain. It was a piece of FartArt. But when Mr Move It saw it he told Bebe Gunn to draw a maths symbol over the stain. "WHO SQUEEZED THAT FART OUT OF ME?" screamed Mr Move It with all of his voice. 

P.S everyone's name was put under the word DISCIPLINE 
Now it's the end...sort of.
If you have read this story and have any notifications to make then do a whopping great stink. 


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