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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Floor 19 by Emma

Floor 19 by Emma
"Ooh a note thank-you person from floor 30 " said Miss Zarves in an excited voice
"Hmm Miss Jewls doesn't  want to have lunch" said Tom
"Ok Tom take this note to Miss Jewls" said Miss Zarves in a surprised voice.
"Ok" said Tom so he walked up the 30 flights of stairs. Then when he finally made it to the 30 story
he gave the note to Miss Jewls when he left everyone in there started partying because Miss Jewls thought Miss Zarves was annoying.  Then Tom went back to class he told Miss Zarves what had happened then Miss Zarves screamed angrily "MISS JEWLS I HATE WHAT SHE DID"
The end. Nah I'm kidding in the end Miss Jewls and Miss Zarves became friends again.
The next day Miss Jewls asked if Miss Zarves wanted to come to lunch and Miss Zarves said "yes" and that was the real end.

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