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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Revenge of the Three Erics!


This is a story about three students all named Eric.
Eric Fry, Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens.
Eric Bacon is a kind skinny boy but because his name is Eric, everybody thinks he is fat and mean so his nickname is Fatso.
Eric Fry is very athletic with lots of muscle which makes him look fat. 

One day, Eric Fry was playing cricket when he accidentally dropped a ball so of course everyone calls him Butterfingers.
Eric Ovens is the nicest student in Mrs Jewls class but his name is Eric so everyone thinks he is mean so his nickname is Crabapple.

The three Eric's were sick of being called names and teased so the next day......
Dameon's nickname was meaneon.
Deedee's nickname was Weedy.
Bebe's nickname was seedy and Allison's nickname was Miss Wonderland (from Alice in wonderland).
But when the next day rolled around, every human in Wayside School had a nickname except the three Eric's (who were finally being called by their names).
Next week, Mrs Museum Exhibition (Mrs Jewls) was so mad at the three Eric's, in one go she wrote, ticked and circled the three Erics name so that day, the three Eric's went home with Mr Odd (Todd) on the Kindergarten bus.

By Harry

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