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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The newest chapter of Wayside school Stewart


Stewart was not happy he had seen what Miss Jewls had for lunch.
Stewart was small and short and hid a lot. Miss Jewls didn't mind,
Stewart hid in his desk because he hated to see stew, not as in him, as in the meal. He somehow thought it was made of  his cousins,
(list of cousins Starwt, Steawan, Stewin, and Stew with an E).    

The next day Miss Jewls had stew again he hid in the gritty old bin, flakes of rust rubbing off like sand, He waited there the whole day having disgusting brown pencil shavings shattered over him. At playtime the janitor came to empty the bin, Stewart thought Miss Jewls was coming to eat him he rolled for his life, the more he rolled the closer he came to the stairs, not long after he was flying down the 30 flights of stairs, clunk clunk clunk skipping 10 at a time as soon he reached the bottom Louis opened the door to come in Stewart rolled out the open door and onto the road he stopped VROOM!!!  A speeding stinky cattle truck belching out black tar smoke, CRUNCH! 

The next day Stewart was at school, Stewart was indestructible.    -by Dan Percy   

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