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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The revege of the Erics

                              THE REVENGE OF THE ERICS

 It was Monday morning i woke up there was a gleaming light that must have been a sign that it would be a good day no never mind sun hurts blinding.
"Honey time to wake up"
I got out of bed put on my school top on i was about to walk out the door with my beg when i said 
"did i forget something"
"yes your pants"
"right i will put my new ones on"
when i went out and got to school Lesley yelled 
then i whispered to myself 
"don't lesson to them"
then Lesley bowed to me and every body i walk past bowed to me 
"how did you do that" said Eric Fry/Butterfingers 
"i just said to myself don't lesson to them"
"that is awesome no more name calling" said Eric Ovens/Crabapple "wait i did put on my new pants today maybe it is magic"
"i did buy it from a genie store lets go back and buy more"
"we will never be bulled again"
And the 3 Erics were never bulled again.

                                       The End

                                                                                   By Taiva Croft   

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