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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Revenge of the Erics

The Revenge of the Erics

Once there were three Erics that were always bullied by others. One was called Eric Bacon another was called Eric Fry and the last one was called Eric Oven. 
One day Eric Fry missed a ball that was two km away from where he was so they started calling him Butterfingers. Eric Bacon was the skinniest boy in the class but because his brothers weren't they called him fatso. Eric Ovens was the nicest boy in the class but because he was an Eric they called him Crabapple. 
The three Erics were sick of it so they made a plan to get revenge.
The next day the Erics came to school early they ran to the toilets and opened up their bag and took out 600 jars of  hot tar. They opened up one jar and spread the tar on the seat of the toilet. They opened another and put that on the seat of the another toilet soon all of the toilets in the school had tar on them. 
Five days later one of the bullies sat on the toilet he screamed it was so hot and when he tried to get off the toilet just wobbled  and pulled him back. Soon all the bullies in the school were stuck
 and screaming for help! The three Erics said "we will let you out if you stop bulleying us" 
"Yes, yes" said the bullies "just let us out"
So the three Erics let them out and they never heard from them again.

by Xander 

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