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Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Revenge Of The Three Erics

The Revenge Of The Three Erics
By Isla

The Erics were like brothers, they did everything together.
Everybody hated them. They teased them and called them names.
But tonight was the night that the Erics got their REVENGE!!! Mwahahahaha! Mwahaha- cough , cough , splutter , splutter , cough. 

It was nearing midnight and there was no sign of the third Eric, Eric Bacon. The moonlight was shining down on the small school playground as the two brothers waited for the last brother to arrive. Their warm breath turning into fog. As the cold mist cleared a dark figure stepped out and slowly walked towards them and said....

" Hey guys sorry I'm late my mum was washing the dishes and my dad was watching the footy match on the couch tonight" said Eric Bacon.
"Okay but next time try to be quicker please!" said Eric Ovens
"Did you bring the super-glue?" asked Eric Fry
"Yep!" said Eric Bacon
"Okay lets go!" said Eric Ovens
They ran up to the school doors and Eric Fry took out a paper clip from the pocket of his grey anorak, he unfolded it and picked the heavy steel pad-lock off the front door and stepped in. 
Eric Bacon tripped over the door step and hit his shin. He started to cry. 
"Come on Fatso!" whined Butterfingers
"Shhhhhhh!" said Crabapple
"You're gonna get us caught!" whispered Butterfingers
Fatsos cry hushed to a whimper, as he stood up he finally stopped crying. 
"Come on! We need to keep moving!" said Crabapple

By the way, Fatso is Eric Bacon, Crabapple is Eric Ovens and Butterfingers is Eric Fry.  Lets carry on.....

They were half way up the towering stair case when they heard the familiar whistling of the school janitor. DUN DUN DUN!
"Shhhhh" whispered Fatso
Their bodies froze with fear as their little stubby fingers trembled and shivered. There was no where to hide and it would be the end if they got caught sneaking around school at this hour up to no good. The only thing they could do was run all the way down the stairs and hide in the lockers on the first floor. Now that I think of it I kind of feel bad for the janitor since there is no elevator and he has to heave that old trolley up and down the stairs rattling along.

They run down the stair case and hide in the lockers quietly. After a series of whistling and mopping the floor the janitor finally leaves. They peek out of the lockers and there was no sight of the janitor, the coast was clear. They ran back up the 29 flights of stairs and they finally reach the top!
"FINALLY!" shouted Crabapple 
"Shhhh! Keep your voice down!" whispered Butterfingers 
"Okay, get the glue out now" whispered Fatso
"But I thought you had it?!" said Crabapple
"I gave it to Butterfingers!" said Fatso
They both turned to glare at Butterfingers.
"Oh no guys! I must have left it in the lockers on the first floor!" said Butterfingers in a sorry voice
"I'll go get it!" said Crabapple
"No I will, you're too fat." said Fatso
So Fatso was huffing and puffing all the way down and back up. His lungs were getting very heavy now and his chest was inflating and deflating dramatically. 
"Okay guys I'm here now!" said Fatso
"I'll have some!" said Crabapple
Fatso poured the glue evenly into three small bowls. Each of them took one and they pulled all of the desk chairs out including Mrs. Jewls and poured a good serving of glue onto each chair seat except for theirs. Once they were finished they tucked each chair in under the desks and left. 

The next day............................
All of the pupils sat down in their seats and a loud squishing noise was made.
"What was that?" asked Alison
"I dunno?" said Paul 
 All of the Erics grinned. When the recess bell rang Mrs. Jewls told everyone that they were dismissed and that they could all go to lunch now. But when everyone went to stand up..... they couldn't! They were STUCK!
"Well what are you waiting for?" asked Mrs. Jewls
"We can't get up!" cried Rondi
"Help us!" cried Dana
But when Mrs. Jewls went to stand up, SHE couldn't either!
"Oh no!" said Mrs. Jewls
"I can't get up either!" cried Mrs Jewls
"But we can!" shouted all three Erics together.
All three Erics stood up and walked to the front of the class.
"No more Fatso!" shouted Eric Bacon
"No more Crabapples!" shouted Eric Ovens
"No more Butterfingers!" shouted Eric Fry
" Now, good luck trying to stand up!" shouted all Erics together as the disappeared for recess.
                                        The End


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  1. Received via email:

    Dear Isla,
    I read your story. Very well done! It was fun hearing the characters speak as New Zealanders, rather than Americans. (Trolley and Mum).
    Thanks for letting me read it.

    Your friend,
    Louis Sachar