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Saturday, April 15, 2017

the three Erics (REVENGE)

                   The three Erics (REVENGE)

Eric Fry, Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens these people are bullied so much everyone called them names for example, Eric Fry is Butterfingers, Eric Bacon is Fatso and Eris Ovens is Crabapple. I have NO idea how these names occurred but anyway lets get to the story...

Well everything was going to change. It was a rainy day and the three Erics decided to lock everyone out, but when they locked them out they locked them out of the very enormous school and plummeted down 30 storeys because for some reason a big hole appeared from Deedee jumping 10 stairs at a time. So you know they were gone yay the Erics were free!

But what they didn't know was that Louis the yard teacher was still alive and he saw what happened so he decided to walk up the 30 storeys to find the three Erics. Eventually he found them and got really angry, but since it's a sideways school in 5 minutes they would of forgotten what happened so they FORGOT-wow.

After everyone got out of hospital they wanted revenge. But as you know this is a revenge story about the three Erics; Eric Fry, Eric Bacon and Eric Ovens, so I will maybe do another revenge story about the other kids in Mrs Jewls class....
The End
by Hanah

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