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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wayside School - Penelope

Wayside School

Penelope was walking through the forest. She had long blonde hair with eyes as blue as the ocean. Her mum called "PENELOPE", she called me because I had to go to my new School hopefully it's better then my last one.

I was walking to School I was wondering why did they call it Wayside School is it upside down? Is it facing the other way? or is it just a normal School? I'll wait till I get there.

When I got to School the school was nothing like I imagined. 
It was like 50 stories high and very thin. I opened the squeaky door, I felt something flash past me, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I saw the stairs,  I was on the 30th floor. Suddenly the lights flickered and turned on and I walked up all the stairs huffing and puffing I finally got up the thirty flights of stairs. Then my vision turned funny. I have a Teacher called Mrs Gorf she was very scary well that's what I heard. When people were late and talking in class she turned people into apples I didn't understand anything about the apple shenanagins. 
On Tuesday I was walking to school with my new friend Sharie she always went to sleep but today she feel into her pillow and didn't wake up until the last bell went.
Hopefully I don't get turned into a apple. 


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