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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wayside School-two dumb burglars by Eva Sharples.

Two dumb Burglars
This is a story about two dumb Burglars who can't read called Bob and Frank.                                                                                           "Bob,do you know where a bank is?" asked Frank.                     "Nope" replied Bob.                                                                             "Oh well" Frank muttered to himself.                                                 So they kept on walking until Bob saw a sign that said:Wayside School.                                         "Hey Frank,look over there it's a bank!"Bob shouted.                       "Bob how does that sign say the bank?"Frank asked.                         "There's an A in both the words"Bob said.                                         "Can you please show me?"Frank asked.                                           "Sure I will"Bob said.                                                                         So he got a piece of paper and wrote:Wayside School Bnak (Bank) and he showed Frank.So they walked into Wayside School.               "Hey Bob" Frank said look up there,I bet that is where all the rich people keep all their money and diamonds because it's the 30th story!"                                                                                                 "Lets go up there right now!" shouted Bob.                                       So they went up to the 30th story and that's the end of that!                                                                                                                           By Eva Sharples

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